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Current Employee - Social Media Manager says

"You are just a number"

Rosie says

"Awful experience. I bought a camera doorbell but they said it had been delivered but never arrived. They told me to contact the post office but did not have a reference number and then did not reply to my messages. Complete waste of money. I also bought a hair curler at the same time, which arrived but did not work. I will NEVER but from them again and can only warn others not to."

Trevor says

"Absolutely horrendous company to deal with took my money but not delivered my grandsons toy.Fobbed off,ignored, appalling customer service... DO NOT USE THEM,YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!"

janice Matthew says

"Bought voucher which I redeemed for a headboard. This never arrived, I chased up via wowcher who passed me to merchant who advised it was damaged in transit and offered a replacement. I declined as I didn’t have time to wait (new bed and visitor on way) and merchant refunded - to wowcher. Who kept my money. I didn’t expect that. Took 2 months to resolve. The kicker? Wowcher have given me 3 months to spend the wowcher credit. I’m not happy about it so I asked to raise a complaint - they don’t seem to have a complaints process so I got the same copy and paste response - here’s your wowcher credit - spend it quick. I will spend it - on something I don’t want or need and I will grudge this as I need the money. Then I’ll delete the app and live happily ever after. Terrible Company. Clever scammers."

Liz Farrell says

"Bought a voucher from them which I had to redeem with another provider. Item was delivered, nothing like the promoted advert. Got a postage return label... to China!!! When I took it to the post office they told me it would be £15 postage. I complained to Wowcher, they just ignored the content of the email, fobbing me off by giving me numerous links to refunds page. Long story short, they say once I redeemed their voucher my contract is with the merchant in China. Guess I'm not returning the rubbish item, nor using Wowcher again !!!"

Lauren Holder says

"Still awaiting an order that was placed in December, live chat person was stupid as hell, said that they couldn't identify my email because I had a letter wrong but basically my cap lock L had to be the lower case l, they couldn't tell the difference and made about a 30 minute meal about it before I typed my email in lower case letters, honestly wth. Then I finally get them to look at it and they can't help me because its to do with another team which I can't contact, nice one. Wasting my time this company, never again! Better get my refund on my no show item."

Jess O'Dell says

"Absolute joke. I ordered a weighted blanket as a birthday present for myself and payed extra for speedy delivery (2 days max). Then got an email 3 days later saying it would not be arriving for another 3 weeks as it is not in stock. Tried talking to customer service and they ignored me, finally got through after 3 days and they said they'd refund me. Got the refund for the order but not the postage, so I've been trying to contact them for 4 working days now, and everyone ive got through to has ignored me! The phone lines are down due to the pandemic and only option I have is WhatsApp messenger where they are all ignoring me and I keep reconnecting with new agents everyday as the last one clearly didn't want to answer my question. I do not understand if they never shipped my parcel, messed up on their side and I payed extra for postage, I should have a full refund. Do not buy from here, massive scam. Im just happy I got most of my refund, sadly, many others do not."

Sharda Crofts says


JJ says

"Wouldn’t even give them 1 star but have to, save your money and go elsewhere, this wowcher is just a pure scam, ordered the fabric resistant bands last week due to be delivered today,haven’t even been dispatched yet they were quick enough to take my money! Can’t get hold of anyone for a refund,wowcher say it’s not their problem(yet take the money quick enough!) and can’t get a response from the ‘company’ supposedly dealing with it. Never ever again will I use this company Avoid at all costs"

Natalie Shears says

"I have been dishonestly tricked into paying for an item which they refuse to send and even worse Tom at customer service will not help me or refund my payment!!! Worst experience I’ve ever had with online shopping!"

Megs says

"I wouldn’t even bother wasting time on this website. I ordered a mouse and keyboard for my new computer, my order took ages to arrive and when it did, none worked. By the looks of negative reviews on this website, I’d advise to save your money people!"

Sakineh Talaei Nooshabadi says

"My partner bought matters but we received totally different mattres vary poor quality , he applied for refund the merchant accept return my full money because they accepted that was they fault but Wowcher took £24 my money ..we don't Know why? But we sure full my money back to Wowcher ..."

Customer says

"Why does trustpilot not let you have an option of 0! Another scam website that is probably chinese. Ordered a garden furniture cover on 1st December they took my money by paypal. I remembered i had not received this item over the weekend so i contacted them via whatsapp chat and to be fair i did get a response the next day but i am fuming with the response. So even though they took my order and my payment i was supposed to redeem a voucher which i did not do, I assume when you log into your account and click on an item and pay for it in good faith that you have already claimed a voucher but no you have to redeem the voucher from an email they send but this is not made clear! And even though they know i have not redeemed the voucher but paid for the item i have not received they cannot refund! FUMING to have fallen for another scam rubbish website, UK trading standards or the government need to look into shoddy websites and scam websites!"

Emma says

"Absolutely rubbish never received my items and then the want to refund me for the items and not the delivery I payed for with was express at nearly £10 if I was you don't bother with this company I won't b again it was the 1st and will be the last"

Georgina says

"I ordered a treadmill and was informed it would be delivered in 5 days, possibly longer due to covid (seems a generic excuse for everything these days)! I haven't received any update and they haven't taken the funds from my credit card (paid on CC for extra protection) and after reading reviews on here I have now blocked my credit card as I don't have any confidence the treadmill will be as described in the advert. Luckily, I've saved my self a lot of hassle, and money, judging by the comments on here. Thank goodness for Trust Pilot and thank you for the reviews, you've certainly helped me."

Paul Williams says

"This is the worse customer service I have ever come across! Thinking it would be fluent as it was via WhatsApp, it was the complete opposite. When you begin to talk it doesn't take long to realise that you are taking to an automated service. When your question is finally acknowledged (And this occurs every time!) You are presented with the message:You are being put through to an operator...AND WILL REPLY WITHIN ONE DAY.. There is no set time with this, and it can even lead you to the automated service again and another day waiting on a response! It took me two weeks gong back and forth to get my matter sorted which could of been dealt with in a tenth of the time!"

bethany donnell says

"Wowcher code did not work, emailed them to then be told it’s the companies issue who i’m using the voucher with however they say different. Done me out my money!!"

Cherie says

"DO NOT USE WOWCHER!! As we are in lockdown I have been unable to book anything using my credit in my wowcher wallet (I got this due to a cancellation due to covid) so wowcher have now taken my money and will not refund me back. I will NEVER use wowcher again!!!!"

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